The Motion

When it comes to addressing movement dysfunction caused by soft tissue structures, IAT® Tools come into their own element. The research by Schleip and his team has led to a new understanding of how the stimulation of receptors in fascia, muscles and tendons lead to changes in soft tissue tone and effect range of motion.

After months of testing and research, we developed the unique Fascial STIM® treatment edge, perfect for influencing superficial fascia and creating dramatic changes in range of motion. We combined our Fascial STIM® edge with a deep rounded treatment surface. With a quick flip of the Motions patented grip, the practitioner can work deeper myofascial structures with ease.

A winning combination that created the Motion.

This IAT® Tool comes in two sizes, the Motion and the Motion SLIM. The model shown and purchased from this page is the Motion, a popular size with most practitioners. The Motion SLIM is designed with a lighter, slimmer profile which is perfect for smaller hands. Information on the Motion SLIM can be found on its own page

The IAT® Tools Motion comes with complimentary tray, travel case & shipping. If you order multiple tools to create your own Custom Set they will be combined together in as few trays and cases as possible for ease of use.