The Bar

The  Bar is designed for practitioners wanting an instrument that is going to save their hands when dealing with large structures and large people. Working on an American football player’s quads? Maybe a rugby player’s hamstrings? Or perhaps the bodybuilder’s lats? Then the  Bar is the perfect mobilisation tool for you.

The Bar is the perfect example of how IAT® Tools have evolved to meet the needs of the modern practitioner. Featuring the IAT® Tools patented ergonomic grips, unique ‘teardrop’ design and custom ‘notch’ making the Bar a versatile and effective.  

The ‘teardrop’ shape to the Bar allows maximal comfort for the client when performing myofascial release or deep myofascial spreading techniques and great control with minimal effort for the practitioner. The unique custom notch also allow for seamless transition between treating muscle bellies and tendons.

The IAT® Tools Bar comes with complimentary tray, travel case & shipping. If you order multiple tools to create your own Custom Set they will be combined together in as few trays and cases as possible for ease of use.